Promise Of Quality

Thank you for visiting our website. At Baker's Inn, we are committed to delivering quality premium bread to our customers.

We work with a team of over 1500 employees nationwide. Our aim is to uphold the highest ethical standards and perpetuate excellency in the delivery of our products.

For us at Baker’s Inn, we aim to improve the accessibility of our bread. We are accountable to our stakeholders and are determined to deliver what we promise. We translate plans into actions; dreams into reality; strategies into achievements and tangible returns. 

We strive to be the best in our business and in our partnerships.  We are committed to every retail outlet, tuckshop, vendor and consumer in Zimbabwe who stock and consume our nourishing bread throughout Zimbabwe.

We have built our top quality brand and continue to grow as a company because of you. Thank you for your continued support for our brand.

CEO, Ngoni Mazango