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28 May 2021

Find your calm

Adulting can be so hard and sometimes you find comfort in grabbing that extra cupcake. Eating your feelings is not the solution and neither is starving yourself. If food is a go to for you in stressfu...

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18 February 2021


Saving money is always key when times get tough but your fitness and overall health should not suffer as a result .The gym is not your only solution to a great workout and you don’t have to be o...

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1 October 2020


The definition or idea of what beauty is, changes constantly. With the growth of social media we still witness shape defining what is considered beauty but so does great skin and hair. What hasn&rsquo...

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18 August 2020

How Food Affects Your Mood

HOW FOOD AFFECTS YOUR MOOD Wondering why at times you get so grumpy? Believe it or not; it could be your diet. Scientific evidence suggests that the foods we consume can affect our mood. This ...

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22 July 2020

5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Bread

5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Bread There’s a reason we use phrases like “break bread” and “my bread and butter”! Bread is a staple in our meals and i...

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30 June 2020

Sweet Potatoes are OK but the truth is WE love Bread!

Sweet potatoes are cool but bread is cooler. There s so much you can do with bread and we can t even begin to describe the diversity, that s why you should read this. On its own; slathered in butter; ...

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28 February 2020

Top Sandwich trends that will take 2020 by storm.

The sandwich is an incredibly simple concoction — two pieces of bread and filling in the middle. But the combination of ingredients you can add is nearly infinite, and there’s plenty of ro...

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30 January 2020

Does morning nutrition increase productivity throughout the day?

What you eat in the morning can set your mood and your productivity levels for your entire day. Eating breakfast improves concentration and memory throughout the day. Studies show that children and ad...

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29 November 2019

5 Must-Try Load Shedding Meals!

Load shedding is here and at times appears it’s here to stay. So why go to bed hungry or skip on tasty meals just because there’s no power. Cooking with no electricity can easily become a...

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26 September 2019


It’s heating up and our summer snacks are the perfect meals for the sweltering summer days. They don’t take long to make, require no electricity and are absolutely delicious! Take a look a...

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