18 February 2021

Saving money is always key when times get tough but your fitness and overall health should not suffer as a result .The gym is not your only solution to a great workout and you don’t have to be on an expensive diet to stay healthy. We caught up with fitness expert, Chengetayi Mnisi aka Pineapple of Pineapple Creative Studios to ask her the most critical questions on staying healthy and fit.

Baker’s Inn: What is the best time to work out?
Pineapple: I recommend working out first thing in the morning. It really sets the pace for the day. It is energizing & your mind goes into “beast mode”. As a result you’re better prepared to tackle the day.

Baker’s Inn: How do i stay motivated for working out?
Pineapple: Do workouts you actually enjoy, it’s easier for you to get up and workout if you are having fun.
Have an up tempo & fire playlist, listening to songs you enjoy & can sing along to make the pain of a workout bearable
Have a community of people that can also support you along your journey, accountability really keeps you motivated & on track.

Baker’s Inn: Do I need to work out every day?
Pineapple: No, you should workout for a minimum of 3 days a week. But if you have the energy, then everyday works too!

Baker’s Inn: How long do I need to work out for?
Pineapple: For at least 30 minutes on the days you have your sessions, and these can be spread out as 10 minute blocks throughout your day if time is an issue.

Baker’s Inn: Do I need to vary my workout to see results?
Pineapple: Yes, depending on your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build more muscle, tone up, improve agility & endurance, you will need to vary up your workouts to suit your end goal.
You should also vary your workouts so you don’t get bored & hit a plateau, which might make you stop working out altogether.

Baker’s Inn: Should i eat before or after a workout and what should i eat?
Pineapple: Generally you don’t need to eat before a workout, but if you run low on energy you can eat a banana, an apple or any other fruit at least an hour before your workout. Then after your workout, you should make sure you hydrate, and you can have a smoothie, peanut butter sandwich or plain yoghurt & fruit.

Baker’s Inn: I'm always sore after a workout, what should i do?
Pineapple: You need to understand that aches & pains after a workout session are completely normal.
Make sure you stretch after each workout. This reduces muscle soreness & helps you relax, so take your time when you stretch after a workout.

Baker’s Inn: How many meals should i have per day?
Pineapple: Most people have 2/3 meals a day, depending on their lifestyle. I just encourage that when you do eat, eat healthy & organic food. Eat to the point where you are full, even if you don’t finish the whole plate & hydrate between meals. Aim for a minimum of 2L of water a day.

That’s what the guru of fitness had to say and there’s still more to consider;
Eating healthy might seem like a huge cost but there are lifestyle choices that you can make to manage your finances. For instance try buying foodstuffs in bulk as well as cooking in bulk. Buying in bulk allows you to take advantage of discounts offered on purchasing larger quantities and will save you on fuel or transport because you won’t need back and forth trips to the grocery store. Try buying a big bag of rice than continually buying smaller portions.
Make a big pot of sugar beans and you have yourself some good protein for an entire week or make a little extra stew for the next day’s lunch or whenever you need it. Most meals can be frozen for up to 1 or 2 weeks.
As a final tip, try making heathier sandwiches with affordable fillings. Try avocado or tomato and parsley or left over fried covo. The options are endless but here’s a recipe you can try.

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