Top Sandwich trends that will take 2020 by storm.

28 February 2020

The sandwich is an incredibly simple concoction — two pieces of bread and filling in the middle. But the combination of ingredients you can add is nearly infinite, and there’s plenty of room for exploration. And that’s what many customers seek — tastes they’ve never experienced before. Sandwiches of today are going above and beyond the standards. Sure, it’s not hard to find a club sandwich to satisfy a specific craving, but more consumers are branching out to include unique and innovative sandwiches on their menus. Want to shake up your menu? Find out how  to take on on classics and introducing new favorites.

Sides as toppings
Technomic’s Sandwich report finds that 34% of consumers say they like to add sides as toppings to their sandwiches, and we note.  You can make a Baker’s Inn sandwich featuring swirled cucumbers as a topping, for instance instead of serving them on the side.


A little bit of everything 
This is more for service providers. Your customers will have different tastes and dietary preferences. Having  a whole range of meat proteins available, as well as fish and vegetarian options, making it easy for you to offer a selection of fillings that are part of a healthy and balanced diet. Think protein, spreads and veggies!


Sweet and savoury in one plate

Flavour building is at the crux of menu development, and today’s focus is on bold, complex combinations. Sandwiches have always offered a blank canvas for innovation, where foodies play with each layer, unlocking signature builds with stunning creativity. The challenge is finding sandwiches with the most potential and the biggest crave factor. A sweet and savoury combination is perfect as it offers a balance and Baker’s Inn bread’s French toast with bacon and berries and a sweet sauce is just what you need to fulfil your sweet tooth with just enough kick from the bacon.

Artistic Presentation / Plating 
People are becoming more and more visual beings, with the new digital offerings, visual stimuli is trending. Consumers like to eat with their eyes and snap a picture for the gram before they begin to dig in thus presentation matters. 


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