5 Must-Try Load Shedding Meals!

29 November 2019

Load shedding is here and at times appears it’s here to stay.  So why go to bed hungry or skip on tasty meals just because there’s no power. Cooking with no electricity can easily become an extreme sport, starting the fire, all that huffing and puffing, don’t forget hutsi/intuthu. NO! –  bread to the rescue, and when it comes to bread in Zimbabwe, it can only be one loaf. Enjoyable on its own, Baker’s Inn bread provides the ideal staple, base or whatever you want in quick, easy, no-power-required ways.

The Classic Haifiridzi

Got mince and muriwo leftovers? Well, Haifiridzi is the ideal quick fix to a full stomach. Simply line your bread with your favourite mayonnaise, margarine or butter, pile on your mince and veggie mix and you’re good to go. Voila, who needs sadza? But it’s not just Haifiridzi that works, you can whip up a tasty meal with almost any leftovers you can find in your fridge, because Baker’s Inn bread makes meal times exciting and tasty. Check out the full recipe here.



Open-Faced Scrambled Egg Sandwich

An eggcellent way to keep the hunger at bay, the open faced scrambled egg sandwich is simple, easy to make and delicious. You can never go wrong with Baker’s Inn bread, get the recipe here.



Pan Toasted Mushroom Sandwich

Totally delicious, this anytime of day sandwich is a firm favourite in many households. Preparation time is just 15 minutes so you can easily fit it into your schedule. Check out the recipe here.


Sweet French Toast

Instead of resigning yourself to hunger pangs, tickle your tastebuds with a touch of sweetness. Delicious, easy to make and mouthwatering, this recipe hits the right spot.


Avocado Coleslaw Open-face Sandwich

Yes, dinner can be ready in less than 30 minutes. In season at just the right time, avocado, cabbage plus Zimbabwe’s best bread can whip up a meal that’s easy, convenient, filling and of course tasty. This savoury treat will chase away the hunger blues. Get your plates out!



Breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-betweeners, in times like these, it’s always a great idea to keep your kitchen stocked with bread and easy to apply, no preparation required items like jams, butters and sauces. This makes it easier to prepare meals, and of course our favourite weird (wink) chingwa/isinkwa and something sandwiches to have on the go or as a snack.

Take a leaf or should we say slice out of our selection, check out our recipes for more delicious ideas with  Bakers Inn bread recipes.


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