Tasty Bread Snacks for a Birthday Party

28 February 2019

Birthday parties are one of our favourite events to celebrate both kids and adults with some delicious snacks. Get the party started with our selection of delicious bread snacks that your guests will gobble throughout the special day or evening! Create simple, tasty food today with our carefully selected recipes. Try making our tantalising cinnamon sugar sticks, perfect pizza bites and sensational bread fritters at your next birthday event.

1.    Captivating Cinnamon Sugar Sticks

Our cinnamon sugar sticks are a party favourite! They are easy to make and go perfectly with tea or by themselves! They are a tasty sweet treat that will leave your guests wanting more! Take our cinnamon sugar sticks to the next level and drizzle them with syrup! The work perfectly for a high tea inspired birthday party 

All you need 
•    Baker’s Inn White Bread 
•    Margarine 
•    Eggs 
•    Milk 
•    Sugar 
•    Cinnamon Sugar

Watch the full recipe video here

2.    Perfect Pizza Bites

If you want to make a quick snack that is also filling then our pizza bites are the perfect choice! They are easy to make and will be a hit with both kids and adults! Make it more fun for kids par-ties and allow them to pick their toppings and even make their own. You can customise each pizza bite with your favourite topping and make the perfect bite for you and your guests! 

All you need
•    Baker’s Inn White Bread 
•    Tomato Puree 
•    Oregano 
•    Garlic Powder
•    Salt and Pepper 
•    Salami 
•    Mozzarella 

Watch the full recipe video here

3.    Blissful Bread Fritters 

Bread fritters are a tasty, fried snack that are the perfect accompaniment for any birthday party! They are always a crowd favourite and are even more scrumptious when served with a simple dip! These are lovely for cocktail inspired  birthday events . These fritters are filled with goodness and should become your next party staple. 

All you need
•    Baker’s Inn High Energy Brown 
•    Egg 
•    Spring onion 
•    Parsley 
•    Feta 


Watch the full recipe video 



Start planning the perfect birthday with our delicious treats and make your next celebration unforgettable! Ignite your guests’ taste buds with our tasty treats and let us know which snack is a hit on the big day in the comments section! 


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