The Guide to The Perfect Valentine's Day Meal

31 January 2019

The month of love has arrived and it is one of our favourite seasons. There a million ways to say “I Love You” and at Baker’s Inn we have some romantic ways to bring the butterflies and smiles on this day. Woo your special someone with breakfast in bed, delectable lunch and scrumptious dinner. Here are our favourite recipes to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet with Baker’s Inn.

Start the day of love in a decadent fashion with a memorable breakfast. Make our sweet version of French toast and to make it more special surprise them in bed. The cinnamon and honey take the French toast to another level of delicious. All you need is Baker’s Inn White Bread, eggs, honey, cinnamon, milk and oil! View the full recipe here. Make the day even sweeter with a thoughtful gift. 



If breakfast is not what your loved one enjoys, tantalise their taste buds with a memorable lunch. Make our Pan-Toasted Ham and Tomato Sandwich and add a special hand-written note! All you need to make this recipe and put a smile on your loved one’s face is Baker’s Inn Whole Grain Bread, ham, lettuce, may-onnaise and cucumber. View the full recipe here.


Romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day are extremely popular! This Valentine’s Day make something spe-cial at home without breaking the bank. Prepare an intimate dinner for two with our delicious Breadcrumb Coated Kariba Bream. This mouth-watering meal is simple yet special and your loved one will enjoy tast-ing a meal you prepared just for them. All you need is Kariba bream, Baker’s Inn breadcrumbs, herbs and an egg to say “I Love You”. View the full recipe here. 



End the day on a sweet note and impress your significant other with some indulgent Valentine’s Day treats Try our Tripled Layered Grilled Chocolate Sandwich. It is a flawless dessert that tastes amazing served with ice cream! All you need is Baker’s Inn White Bread, bananas and milk chocolate. View the full recipe here. Alternatively, you can make our classic Bread and Butter Pudding which never disappoints! View the delectable dessert’s full recipe here.


Nothing says, “I Love You” like a homecooked meal. Whether it’s a simple breakfast, special lunch, indul-gent dinner or decadent dessert! Show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day and try one of our special Valentine’s Day food ideas. Let us know in the comments what you are preparing for this special day.




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