New Kids Break-Time Trends

31 December 2018

It’s a new year, a new school term and the kids are back at school! Be adventurous with your children’s lunches and make food that they can’t resist! Transform your kids’ sandwiches with these healthy and fun break-time ideas. Here are some new ideas that your kids will be sure to gobble up!



Sandwich Kebabs 
Jazz up an ordinary lunch box sandwich with this fun alternative - Sandwich Kebabs! All you need is your favourite loaf of Baker’s Inn bread, filling and veggies of your choice. Cut your bread, filling and veggies into cubes. Then use a popsicle stick or toothpick and place a cube of bread, followed by filling followed by a vegetable and repeat! If serving these at home, you could also give your kids little bowls filled with each sandwich component and a handful of skewers to let them build their own before eating!


Sushi Sandwiches 
Sushi sandwich roll-ups are a really quick and easy way to make sandwiches, and they are really easy to customise! Place the piece of bread of Baker’s Inn bread on a chopping board and flatten it with a rolling pin. Spread margarine over the flattened piece of bread, place a filling of your choice, like chicken mayo or ham or peanut butter and roll the bread up then gently but firmly press along the length of the roll so that it holds together.


Cookie Cutter Sandwiches 
Fun sandwiches don’t get much easier than these! Just dig out some cookie cutters and you’ve got every-thing you need for cute kid-friendly sandwiches! Make a sandwich of your choice then get your favourite cookie cutters out and cut your sandwiches into cute bite-sized shapes that your children will love! 

We are committed to helping you make lunch healthy and fun for your children! Your children will love the delicious bread, interesting presentations and yummy fillings! Try these sandwich ideas today and let us know which ones are a hit with your children!


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