Christmas Classics Made with Baker's Inn Bread

30 November 2018

It’s almost Christmas and we want to make this holiday season your best yet with our quick and easy Christmas recipes with a Baker’s Inn twist. As you prepare to host your family or hit the road to go visit family around Zimbabwe have a look at our easy, healthy versions of everyone’s fa-vourite Christmas classics.

Merry Meatloaf 
Start a new tradition with our festive meatloaf recipe with a Baker’s Inn twist. It’s simple, easy, and perfect meal for a hungry family during the holidays! Our meatloaf is a mix of mince, vegeta-bles and bound together by breadcrumbs. You can serve it with mashed potatoes, carrots or a salad and enjoy! Click here for the full recipe.



Cheery Garlic Bread 
Are you hosting a Christmas braai? Take your braai to the next level by introducing a cheesy, dec-adent bread that is perfect for the holidays! Make this delicious garlic bread with your favourite loaf of Baker’s Inn over the braai. Click here for the full recipe. 


Festive Trifle 
Trifle is a desert typically made in a tall glass bowl to show off its beautiful layers of liqueur-infused cake, jam, fruit, pudding and whipped cream. Our trifle with a twist is just as yummy and made with bread. It is layered in a pan so the dessert is easily cut into squares and perfect to share! Click here for the full recipe. 



Whether you’re cooking for two or your entire family, we have you covered! We want to make sure you have access to authentic recipes with ingredients that are easy to find. Plan your menu with our carefully curated recipes that will impress your friends and family this festive season. Start planning your menu and share your special Christmas meals in the comments section. 


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