Packing Your Kids Lunch Box

1 July 2018

Sandwiches are the classic choice for parents packing a lunch box for their children. They are easy to make and can be healthy too. All you need are a couple of slices of nutritious Baker’s Inn Bread and a mix of fillings. However, packing the same sandwich can get repetitive for your children. Jazz up your children’s lunch boxes with one of these sandwich ideas:

Add a Burst of Colour
Bright colours are the easiest way to get your children excited to eat their sandwiches. Adding carrots or cucumbers or cherry tomatoes or even strawberries can give classic sandwiches a colourful twist.

Have Fun with Shapes
Give sandwiches a different look by cutting the slices of bread into shapes with cookie cutters. If you don’t have any cookie cutters around the house simply switch from cutting sandwiches in rectangles to triangles.

Get Children Involved
Ask your children what their favourite fillings are and what they would like to try. They can also help you prepare their sandwiches and develop a sense of pride in their lunch.

Make sure all the sandwiches you make for your children will keep them full and energised throughout the day. Remember, it’s important to pick a loaf of bread that is filled with nutrients and will complement any sandwich filling, like the Baker’s Inn Low GI loaf!

Lunch for the kids can be healthy , fun and tasty!


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