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28 February 2020

Top Sandwich trends that will take 2020 by storm.

The sandwich is an incredibly simple concoction — two pieces of bread and filling in the middle. But the combination of ingredients you can add is nearly infinite, and there’s plenty of ro...

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30 January 2020

Does morning nutrition increase productivity throughout the day?

What you eat in the morning can set your mood and your productivity levels for your entire day. Eating breakfast improves concentration and memory throughout the day. Studies show that children and ad...

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29 November 2019

5 Must-Try Load Shedding Meals!

Load shedding is here and at times appears it’s here to stay. So why go to bed hungry or skip on tasty meals just because there’s no power. Cooking with no electricity can easily become a...

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26 September 2019


It’s heating up and our summer snacks are the perfect meals for the sweltering summer days. They don’t take long to make, require no electricity and are absolutely delicious! Take a look a...

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30 May 2019

Winter Food Essentials for 2019

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting lower, the layers of clothes getting thicker, and the meals becoming heartier. This winter, we want to make sure you and your family have delic...

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24 March 2019

Innscor Africa Group of Companies Brings Relief to Cyclone Idai Victims

Cyclone Idai smashed into Mozambique at around midnight on 14 March 2019 before tearing through Zimbabwe and Malawi, displacing hundreds of thousands of people and causing cata-strophic damage and dev...

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1 March 2019

Baker's Inn Long Service Awards

At Baker’s Inn Bakeries, a big part of our success has been our passionate and hardworking staff. Our story begins with our team that has been instrumental in creating Zimbabwe’s beloved b...

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28 February 2019

Tasty Bread Snacks for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are one of our favourite events to celebrate both kids and adults with some delicious snacks. Get the party started with our selection of delicious bread snacks that your guests will ...

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31 January 2019

The Guide to The Perfect Valentine's Day Meal

The month of love has arrived and it is one of our favourite seasons. There a million ways to say “I Love You” and at Baker’s Inn we have some romantic ways to bring the butterflies ...

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31 December 2018

New Kids Break-Time Trends

It’s a new year, a new school term and the kids are back at school! Be adventurous with your children’s lunches and make food that they can’t resist! Transform your kids’ sandw...

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