Delicious recipes using our quality Baker’s Inn Bread!

Servings: 4 * Preparation time: 15 minutes

Sweet French Toast

Make this sweet version of French toast today. The cinnamon and honey take regular French toast to another level. Try this for breakfast or dessert ev...
Servings: 4 * Preparation time: 25 minutes

Baked Coated Fish

Make this baked fish coated with Baker’s Inn homemade breadcrumbs. The Bakers’ Inn homemade breadcrumbs used here have been seasoned with ...
Servings: 4 * Preparation time: 15 minutes

Triple Layered Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

If you’re a lover of all things chocolate, you’re definitely going to love this triple layered grilled chocolate sandwich with banana slic...
Servings: 3 * Preparation time: 20 minutes

Simple Welsh Rarebit

You could never run out of ideas on what filling or topping you can enjoy with your bread. Here’s yet another idea that’s very simple, del...
Servings: 3 * Preparation time: 10 minutes

Open-Faced Scrambled Eggs Sandwich

Eggs and bread were made for each other! There are several tasty egg and bread variations or you to enjoy! This recipe, is a simple egg, onion and tom...
Servings: 2 * Preparation time: 10 minutes

Baker's Inn Homemade Breadcrumbs

Freshly, homemade breadcrumbs are fantastic and versatile. You can make traditional breadcrumbs or spice them up any way you like.
Servings: 2 * Preparation time: 15 minutes

Pan-toasted Mushroom Sandwich

This sandwich is filled with nothing but deliciousness! Made using the Baker’s Inn Low GI Seed Loaf, it’s a great snack for those trying t...
Servings: 2 * Preparation time: 15 minutes

Baker's Inn Breadcrumb Coated Kariba Bream

The Baker’s Inn homemade breadcrumbs make a perfect coating for fish. Pair them up with a few herbs and you’ll be good to go! Try this tas...