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1 October 2018

Switching Up Your Summer Snacks

Summer is here and this is the season for a little more fun and creativity in the kitchen! This Summer, try these quick, light meals and snacks to get you through the day instead of big and heavy meal...

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1 September 2018

Why Low GI Bread Is Becoming A Healthy Favourite!

Diabetes is on the rise! There are now four times as many people in the world living with it today than in 1980 and poor diet and a lack of exercise are to be blame, according to a report by the World...

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1 August 2018

Benefits of Whole Grain Bread

In the past decade, consumers have rediscovered a new way of healthy living. Following this rediscovery, whole grain bread has become a top choice for consumers. Whole grain bread has a number of heal...

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1 July 2018

Packing Your Kids Lunch Box

Sandwiches are the classic choice for parents packing a lunch box for their children. They are easy to make and can be healthy too. All you need are a couple of slices of nutritious Baker’s Inn ...

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